SolidAngle 發表 Arnold for Houdini

SolidAngle在今年的FMX與SIGGRAPH發表了Arnold for Houdini(HtoA)Plugin,讓Houdini的User可以使用強大的Arnold的算圖引擎

  • Render in any Houdini context: render view, render region or MPlay
  • Interactive rendering to rapidly preview parameter changes in cameras, lights and shaders
  • Dedicated Arnold shading networks with 106 shaders and utilities
  • Pass Houdini geometry attributes as Arnold user data
  • Volume rendering using OpenVDB
  • Particles, rendered as disks, spheres, quads or volumes
  • Curves, rendered as ribbon, thick or oriented
  • Accurate motion blur, including changing topology
  • Full point instancing
  • All Arnold cameras projections, with depth of field and advanced shutter controls
  • All Arnold lights, with light filters and accurate viewport representation
  • Atmospheric and background effects
  • Multi-camera rendering
  • Render to AOVs, in single or separate files
  • DeepEXR support



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