Autodesk 提供 Maya2015 SP3 更新下載

此次Maya更新包含了的Bug Fix,詳細的內容可以參考Maya 2015 SP3 Release Note

Mentelray for Maya也更新至mental ray

  • Progressive rendering in the IPR is more responsive now, especially when finalgather is off
  • Refractions and reflections are enabled for maya_volumefog
  • Deforming animation in Alembic files imported using GPU Cache is fixed for batch rendering

Fixes in the mental ray core:

  • Unified sampling: fixed possible crash if coverage framebuffer was used in combination with unified sampling
  • Light importance sampling: reduction of noise artifacts when using point lights with non-physical falloff
  • Stabilize flushing mechanism for rendering very large scenes.

Shader fixes:

  • For layering material shaders (MILA), added support for back_scatter LPE pass.

 Autodesk maya 2015 service pack 3 Download



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