Maya LT 2016搶先看

Maya LT的產品線是以遊戲開發為主,所以大部分的功能都著重在Modeling與Hardware Shading的支援度,這次Maya的版本從介面看起來與2015的產品線有些不同,在GUI與Icon的部分有不少的修改,換掉了QT預設的Style模式,改進了Modeling與輸出遊戲動畫工具,新的物理材質等,Viewport載入貼圖效率的改進。這些更新也意味著新的Maya 2016也會有大量的更新。

New Look to Maya LT(新的介面)
Maya LT 2016 sports a cleaner, more modern and “flat” look to the interface. The new UI design looks much more comprehensive, thought out and more compact.

Integrated Sculpting Toolset(整合雕塑工具組)
Maya LT 2016 offers a new and built in sculpting toolset based off the brushes that are available in Autodesk Mudbox. Having an integrated sculpting environment makes iteration faster, by not having to switch between software packages.

Improved Modeling and UV tools(改進的模型與UV工具)
Maya LT brings some brush based controls to the UV toolset and generally adds more interactive tools to the UV workflow, building upon the Unfold 3D premise added in the last release.

Improved Animation tools(改進動畫工具)
A new Game Exporter makes it easy to export assets and animation to the game engine of your choice. Maya LT adds the Spline IK and cluster deformers to the animation toolset as well.

Physically based shader materials(以物理基礎的Shader材質)
Maya LT gets new ShaderFX nodes for physical based rendering, allowing you to create high-quality materials.




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