mental ray for Maya 2016 SP1提供下載

Autodesk官方提供Mentalray for Maya 2016 SP1的更新檔下載,此次更新檔案內Mentalray的核心更新至3.13.1.8,修正了許多的關於MILA layering shader的BUG與在Viewport 2.0上的顯示,與MDL Rendering一些問題。

關於新版本的MILA Shader詳細的修正如下

  • alpha channel computation for specular and glossy transmission
  • possible texturing artifacts if mila_light light shader was used
  • halo effect on specular highlight when using mila in IPR
  • possible black pixel artifacts / NaN warnings in custom curve layer weights
  • unknown tag access fatal if mila_specular_transmission was used in combination with irradiance particles or with the GI Next prototype
  • missing subsurface scattering effects behind refractions
  • possible issues with semi-transparent objects in segmented/sorted shadow modes
  • possible tile artifacts in particular with glossy reflection mix
  • VP2 display for mila is now also working for scenes created with Maya 2015

mental ray for Maya 2016 SP1 Download



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