AAA Studio 發布 FurryBall RT Beta

AAA Studio在年的GTC上發表了重寫的FurryBall的GPU版本FurryBall RT,將原來的Rasterize的方式改為核心使用GPU的Nvidia OptiX Raytracing Framework,正式成為GPU Raytracing的Renderer之一,速度比之前的版本快了10到30倍,這次發表的版本包含Maya 2011到2016,Render的功能支援的有Particle rendering,DOF,unlimited SSS layer,real motion blur,fluid rendering,還有Maya Hair與Shave and Haircut,包含支援了Arnold,Vray與mentalray的材質。

FurryBall RT on GTC2015


  • Now we are ready for Linux and OSX (hopefully come later)
  • Response in viewport is about 10x faster than in FurryBall 4.8
  • Easy interface – quality can be tuned by one parameter
  • Better quality
  • Unlimited number of GPUs
  • Physically based materials and lights
  • Less GPU memory
  • Physically based DOF – NO extra render time!
  • Real Motion blur – Video
  • Maya Particles and NParticles – Video (Fume FX and Krakatoa come soon we hope)
  • Render passes – now NO extra render time
  • Unlimited layered shaders
  • IPR render support
  • Shave & Haircut and Maya hairs (Yeti come soon we hope)
  • Raytraced Maya Fluids
  • Improved Carpaint material
  • Ramp shader with texture
  • Hair shader
  • Open subdivision
  • Support for all Maya image formats (PSD, tiff, tga, bmp, etc.)
  • New FurryBall lights
  • Color matte pass (unlimited number of colors)
  • Support for Arnold, V-Ray and Mental Ray shaders
  • BiFrost – mesh rendering




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