Blender Conference 2015影片發佈

今年的Blender Conference 2015在10月23日間展開,到25日結束。今年的Blender應用包含Game,VR到3D列印技術。其中也有相當技術性的Talk,今年Conference的影片也已經發佈在youtube,有興趣的人也可以參考看看。


Blender UI

Moving the Blender UI back to its viewports – Julian Eisel

Cycles Render

Cycles Rendering – A year in review – Thomas Dinges

Cycles Point Density Magic – Gottfried Hofmann

Recreating the 1986 Juggler in Real Time using OSL – François Gastaldo

VFX and Crowd

Behavior Generation for Interactive Virtual Humans – David Vogt

Simulation of dense crowds of virtual characters – Sybren Stüvel

Gruntwork VFX: Real-world Compositing for Film & TV – Sean Kennedy

VR and Visual

BlenderVR: Framework for multiplatform interactive – Brian Katz

Blender for holographic and motion mapping display – Olivier Amrein

Uncanny Nature: Hybrid Stop Motion using Blender – Chris Denaro

Blender Conference 2015
Blender Conference 2015 Youtube Videos



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